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roswell artist-in-residence program

summer 2001

 2001 the RAIR Program had a decidedly international flavor with artists from Canada, Switzerland and Japan. 

 from left to right: Claire Beauleau, Edie Tsong, Kumi Yamashita, Jenny Hankwitz and Magdalena Z'Graggen



Kumi Yamashita, Maebashi, Japan

MFA University of Washington, Seattle; BFA,Glasgow School of Art;  
Cornish College of the Arts; Fortman Studio, Florence, Italy;
Palazzo Spinelli Art Institute, Florence, Italy.

Awards include: Artist Trust GAP Award, Seattle, WA; 
King County Arts Commission Special
Projects Grant; The Betty Bowen Special Recognition Award, 
Seattle; Bemis Center for Contemporary Art, Omaha, NE.

"I like looking at the light in the afternoon and watching shadows 
move. It reminds me that everything is always changing. I like 
things that do not have concrete form, like clouds, water, shadows, and the kindness of people. 
I have been experimenting with light and shadows along with various other media to examine what separates solid and ephemeral, visible and invisible, inner and outer.
One of the issues I focus on is the boundary we create within ourselves by categorizing the world. Through my work I wish to remind ourselves of how we preconceive what is around and inside us. Knowledge, ideas, and values are too often accepted without questioning. Can we find a way to evaporate ourselves from a pond and condensate over an ocean? Can we see a common thread that connects all things?"

Claire Beaulieu, Montreal, Canada

Education: Universite du Quebec a Montreal, MFA and BFA.
Awards: Conseil des Arts et des lettres du Quebec, Canada Council, Banff Center for the Art, Ministere des Affaires Culturelles du Quebec.
Selected Solo/Duo Exhibitions: Galeria Yvonne Amar, Mexico; Galerie Dugazon, Montreal; Galerie Axe-Neo 7, Quebec; International Austausch Atelier, Basel, Switzerland.
Residencies/Internships: Villa Montalvo, Saratoga, CA; Atlantic Center for the Art, New Smirna Beach, FL; Instituto Allende, Univ. of Guanajuanto, Mexico; Banff Center for the Art, Canada; Internationale Austausch, Basel, Switzerland; Office Franco-Quebeccois, Paris.
Selected Collections: Art Bank of Canada Council, Ottawa; Musee du Quebec; Foundation Critoph Merian, Basel, Switzerland; Bibliotheque nationnale du Canada; Bibliotheque nationnale du Quebec.

""Painting, sculpture and installation have been the means for my creative process for many years now. Through analogies and metaphors, I depict the relationships between microcosm and macrocosm, between the profane and the sacred, and between creation and procreation. I practice a geology of the soul where life appears to be a delicate weave, a sensitive fabric. ...Participating in your program would mean taking my work a step further in its evolution."

Jenny Hankwitz, New York, NY

Education: University of CA, Santa Barbara, BFA.
Selected Exhibitions: Art Resources, NY; Jeffrey Coploff Gallery, NY; Smack Mellon Studios, Brooklyn; The Koffler Gallery, Toronto; Artspace, New Haven, CT; Art in General, NY; P.S. 122, NY.
"For many years I have been painting independently in New York, supporting myself with what has become a demanding full-time corporate job in the garment manufacturing business. My studio time has receded over the years due to the demands of earning a living. I sometimes feel that those precious moments of contemplation are a thing of the past for me. I am in need of a period of uninterrupted time to review and to develop my studio work."

Magdalena Z'Graggen, Basel, Switzerland

  Education: Schule fur Gestaltung, Basel, Switzerland; Cooper Union School of Art, NY.
Awards/Grants: Forderbeitrag fur Bildende Kunst, State of Baselland, Switzerland.
Selected Exhibitions: Wooster Gardens, NY; L'Art contre L'Art, Fribourg, Switzerland; Eden Garage, Zurich, Switzerland; Centre PasquArt, Biel, Switzerland; Cooper Union, NY.
Collections: Kunstkredit Basel-Stadt, City of Basel, Switzerland.

"To deal with the different aspects of painting, I work in different media such as painting, photography, Super-8 film and from time to time writing. However, my main concern is painting, where I am not as much interested in the image, what in my work is merely a product of the act of painting, a pretext for painting and the use of colours, but much more I like the idea of an image, the premonition of an image. ...I am very much attracted by the idea to work in this vast and unknown landscape, to work with its light, let influence myself by the wideness and openness of the place - a mind-blowing conception for an artist coming from Switzerland. Coming from a country, where everything and everybody is nearby, where the mountains and narrowness make the mentality and perception of things and people."


Edie Tsong, Baton Rouge, LA

Selected exhibitions:

"Mouthfeel", Harwood Art Center, Albuquerque, NM 
"Collecting Time," Lawndale Art Center Small Gallery, Houston, TX;
"Culturalfusion", Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, LA; 
"Attached", Noname Exhibitions @ The Soap Factory, Minneapolis, MN; 
"New American Talent 16", Texas Fine Arts Association, Austin,TX

"My dedication to killing time is a refusal to equate value with a dollar amount. To value something not as a commodity, but as an experiance....The idea of the alien, as a foreigner, as a permenent resident is one I would like to develop in relation to the changing sphere of American identy."


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