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"The goal in my recent body of work has been to create a form that has plasticity and transformation as its explicit focus, allowing the viewer to experience the paranoid formalism of the image where nothing is anything, but everything is something. Working on a wall sized scale and using a cartoon language that responds to psychedelic impulses, I can work like a drip painter, describe characters realistically, or let the picture haze out in impressionistic fog. The more recognizable architectural and landscapes structures allow this undulating web to hang and grab at something shared in our remembered visual experience. The resultant image hopefully keeps the viewer in a suspicious state of investigation while providing enough facts to keep them searching. What surfaces from the psychedelic sludge must not only be poignant and surprising, but have the force of the real, and happen at the right intervals."

Installation view


"Under normal circumstances my studio looks like a regular drawing studio, pencil and ink drawings on standard size papers. However, with extra time and space granted to me by the RAiR Program, I began to envision a drawing that would completely envelop the gallery and by its scale and complexity reorient the viewer outside of the traditionial window, frame, picture plane. With about six months left in my residency, I started from scratch on the walls of Butterfly Trigger, using new approaches and new materials. To reinforce the cartoon logic of the monumental landscapes, I decided to build a life-size econo-SUV and render its surface with a kind of trompe l'oeil graphics. The combination of these elements reinforce the ideas around the phenomena of a space, where expansive scale literalizes the images so that painting considerations become architectural, experiential and time-based. The scale of the wall drawings and the sculpture were both firsts for me, but with the generous allotment of time and space in the RAiR Program I had the invaluable opportunity to create this work."

Larry Bob Phillips, 2010



Pancake Supper, (detail) 2010,
ink on multiple sheets of paper, 20' X 20'



Jeep, 2010, ink on paper, 30" X 44"

Night Dance, 2010, ink on paper, 30" X 44"  



Grand Vitara (study), 2010, ink and paint on plaster and foam, 22"x44" x20"


Larry Bob Phillips, born near Amarillo, Texas, studied with calligrapher Carl Kurtz at the Kansas City Art Institute. After living and working in New York for eight years he moved to New Mexico and recieved his MFA in 2005 His primary medium has been drawing for more than ten years. In 2003 he helped start and run the Donkey gallery in Albuquerque, NM where he has taught at Central New Mexico Community College until moving to Roswell.

Larry Bob has shown Nationialy and Internationially and has recieved residencies at the Djerassi Artist in residence program as well as Roswell.




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