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roswell artist-in-residence program
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present in the Marshall Gallery

Shona Macdonald

June 11 - July 24, 2011



Shona Macdonald’s paintings and drawings offer an evocative reading of landscape, riddled with manifold implications. Her works present imagery characterized by both its precisely rendered detail and confounding spatial ambiguity. Macdonald’s imaginative topographies incorporate an intriguing array of pictorial tactics, as she zeroes in on her surroundings, observing and reworking them deftly. Drawing upon the history of abstracted landscape, a complex range of sources become refined into renderings that lay claim to a highly layered and nuanced, sometimes haunting graphic imagery.
Macdonald’s continual cognizance of her own displaced and dispersed identity has increasingly played a role in energizing her work, but it also leaves the artist inhabiting and ever-precarious status, somewhere between cultural settings, traditions and territories. Notably, while often clearly referencing the external world I her practice, she creates new creative mappings which cannot actually direct one anywhere specifically in a real space but instead are likely to move the sympathetic viewer toward various engaging states of contemplation, reverie, and wonderment.
Martin Patrick, senior lecturer, Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand, 2010

Detail: Paper Landscape
16" x 22", silverpoit, copperpoint, absorbent ground and gesso on paper, 2011

For her exhibition, Around, Shona Macdonald has been focusing on specific views seen from and around her studio in Roswell, NM, where she spent all last year painting in the desert.  Her exhibition at Herter will consist of paintings, including  a six-part panorama, depicting a 360-degree horizontal view of the perimeter surrounding the residency site, a floor installation based on the desert surface and drawings depicting fragments viewed, again, from the vantage point of her studio window.


Installation view

Detail: Desert/Floor,
casein on cardboard, dimensions variable, 2011

Shona Macdonald received her MFA in 1996 in studio arts from the University of Illinois at Chicago and her BFA in 1992 from Glasgow School of Art in Scotland.
She has had selected solo shows at Proof Gallery, Boston, MA (2009), Reeves Contemporary, NY, NY (2008), Den Contemporary, LA, CA, (2007), Skestos-Gabriele, Chicago IL, (2005), Galerie Refugium, Berlin, Germany, (2002),  and Fassbender Gallery, Chicago (1998 and 2000). She has also shown in numerous group shows in many galleries in the Midwest, including Chicago, Cleveland and Milwaukee, and in Melbourne, Australia and Wellington, New Zealand. 
Her work has been reviewed in Art in America, Art News, (Both for Solo Shows) LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, Sacramento Bee and New American Paintings. 
She has been a Visiting Artist at over forty institutions, including Wimbledon College of Art, London, (1998), Georgia State University, Atlanta, (2007), Cornell University (2006), the University of Alberta, and the University of Calgary, Canada, (2002). Shona Macdonald is a 2009 recipient of a grant from the Pollock Krasner Foundation, NY, NY.

Around, panel #6 of 6, oil on canvas, 24x72”, 2011

Around 4 
Oil on canvas


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