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present in the Marshall Gallery

Brian Kluge
Human After All
June 23-August 5, 2012


















I have come to notice that there exist certain predispositions that we share as human beings. These preferences run deeper than cultural values and social norms, operating at a subconscious level shaping some of the fundamental aspects of human experience. This exhibition reflects my ongoing exploration of some of these predilections through my sculpture. In this body of work I am dealing primarily with archetypal geometric forms, an allusion to artifacts, and a palette of “basic” color. Moreover, I am interested in the ability of something subtle and quiet to invite a moment of introspection and discovery.

Brian Kluge, 2012


Instalation view

foreground: Mapping a Blue Moon, 2012, ceramic, wood, epoxy, 100” diameter x 7”



All Used Up, 2012, ceramic, wood, adhesive, 30” diameter



The Long Weight of History, 2011-12, wood and ceramic, 102x92x6”




A Wish to be Next Door, 2012, ceramic (wood & epoxy cleat), 20” diameter x 3”




Redacted Terrain, 2012, ceramic, wood, epoxy, 51” diameter x 66”, Detail



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