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roswell artist-in-residence program
& the
 roswell museum and art center

present in the Marshall Gallery

March 20 - May 2, 2010



As a child I had a large round mirror on the wall of my bedroom. I used to take it down and hold it at my waist, walking around the house looking into the reflection, stepping high over the doorframes, marveling at how different my familiar landscape had become.                   


rcelain, mixed media, 2010

I make objects to transform the world and how we interact with the world.  My recent work is an investigation of perception and experience.   Through mixed media body objects I am exploring methods of communication and the navigation of the spaces, both physical and mental, that we inhabit.


Whisper Down the Lane,
porcelain, mixed media, 2010

I am interested in creating new ways, metaphorical and actual, of seeing, hearing and participating with our surroundings.  By disrupting or enhancing the senses, the objects make possible an exaggerated self-awareness, a break in the normalcy of daily experience.  With the body dressings I am creating a threshold space between reality and the imagination.  This work is a social experiment of sorts, a mediated event to explore communication, comfort and complacency through play.


Janice Jakielski, 2010

mixed media, 2010




Originally from Lancaster,

ennsylvania, Janice Jakielski currently resides in Boulder, Colorado.   She received her BFA from Alfred University in 2000 and in 2008 an MFA in ceramics from the University of Colorado, Boulder. After completing her Masters she was a visiting professor at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, an adjunct professor at Metropolitan State College and Red Rocks Community College in Denver.  Recent solo exhibitions include; I Love my Love with a J, at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Snowmass, CO, Frolics and Frippery, Vertigo ArtSpace, Denver, Colorado and Fancy/Free, Edinboro University, Edinboro, PA. 

Frolics and Frippery
Fabric and mixed media


I Espy with my Little Eye
porcelain, fabric and mixed media, 2010/09

I Espy with my Little Eye
porcelain, fabric and mixed media, 2010/09


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