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roswell artist-in-residence program
& the
 roswell museum and art center

present in the Marshall Gallery

Anna Hepler


March 4 - April 17, 2011,

right and far right: two views of the inflatable sculpture, BLOOM, at
various states of inflation.
below: The gallery with both woodcut prints and the inflatable sculpture
in production.


During the exhibition Reflected in Real Time I used the gallery as a studio to create, on site, a floor-sized woodcut and a monumental inflatable sculpture – each reflecting the image of the other.

The woodcut image, like many folk art motifs, is an abstraction of something familiar. In this case it appears as both a flower and a firework but is not attempting to portray either. My interest in this image stems from something more abstract and meditative -- the form is quiet, idealized in its geometry; it is graphically dynamic, yet remains still.

The inflatable sculpture, hanging from the ceiling and looking something like an inverted
dandelion whorl, is in many ways the opposite of the woodcut image. It has limbs that rise when inflated, and fall as the air escapes. Air is delivered by an electric blower which periodically fills and empties the plastic form like a lung. Never reaching a fixed state, the form is disheveled, shifting, and alive.

Like alter egos these two parts are merged only by memory, and in my imagination where a third, composite impression takes shape.

Anna Hepler was raised in western Massachusetts, and has been based in Portland, Maine since 2001. Her work includes large sculptural installations, small sculptural forms, and two-dimensional work-- most often drawing and printmaking. Her most recent solo exhibition, Makeshift, closed at the Portland Museum of Art in October 2010, and her forthcoming project, Bloom, will open May 2011 at Suyama Space in Seattle, WA.





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