David Hines

Roswell Museum and Art Center
August 9 - October 12, 2014

"Like Night and Day"






"Distant Storm"
24" x 40", oil on linen, 2014

"My work is a direct response to engagements with scenes or objects I encounter in my daily life.  These responses are determined by memories, feelings, ideas, and longings that are part of my personality and which have informed my works view since earliest childhood.  My paintings are an attempt to realize and communicate the significance of these nuanced responses to others.  To this end, I am always actively in search for those moods and ideas that such scenes and things evoke.  My night paintings seem to me to be the most poignant expression of my artistic goals.  At night, the vast distances of the stars become obvious and the far darkened horizon of the landscape melds earth and cosmos together.  In this expanded world, I explore outposts of human habitability.  Mystery and loneliness are the themes that unite all of my night work, and they are palpable in the infinity that darkness suggests."


"Off Main"
24" x 44", oil on linen, 2014


"Tract House"
24" x 30", oil on linen, 2014



"Central Valley"
27" x 50", oil on linen, 2000