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roswell artist-in-residence program



Artists are housed in a complex of six houses and nine studios located on 12 acres of land. Each artist is provided with a house that can amply accommodate either a single person or a family. The "Gift of Time" was also uniquely conceived as a family program and children are welcome. Because of the close proximity of the buildings and setting of the residency however, there is a policy of no dogs on the residency facility. All living facilities are separate, fully furnished two- or three-bedroom houses.

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The facilities of the Roswell Artist-in-Residence Program are simple and free of frills.  They were conceived to be practical, functional and basic.   Most of the facility was built in the early 70's and still reflect that character. All units are fitted with  basic furnishings except bedding which is only provided to our overseas residents.

No two houses or studios are exactly the same.  Our example here is unique but also representative of our other facilities. While house E only has two bedrooms most houses have three.

 House and Studio(s) E are seen here approaching from the southwest.

House E's front porch with kitchen window on right.

Entry area of house E looking towards kitchen.


Living room from entry area. Furnishings are spartan and basic. Since artists stay for one year they often bring some of their own household belongings.


The 70's era type kitchens are fully equipped. 

Two of the residencies have double studios attached in the event that an artist brings a living companion who is also an artist or other similar circumstances.  House E has two studios attached.  Both about 20' X 20'.  Shown here is studio E2 on the west end.



Studios E1 and E2 interiors

Shared spaces include a small printmaking studio, complete with etching and lithography presses, a modest wood shop with most wood-working machines, and a laundry facility.