Michael Beitz


Roswell Museum and Art Center


"Maybe Later"


June 7 - July 27, 2014


Installation View



"Not Now"
wood, 6' x 18' x 8', 2014





Untitled Drawings
mixed mediums on paper, dimensions variable, 2011 - 2014









"oh no, no, no, no, no, sir"
72" x 72" x 4", creamic, 2014


    "The current focus of Beitz’s interest is centered upon the creation of works that coexist and function at the juncture of art and design and, how melding the two provides an opportunity to discuss the intricacies of social interaction, personal relationships, and self-investigation. Through altering and subverting familiar forms, he examines and explores cultural nuances and the sociological significance of how his sculpture may provide insights into the realms of intimacy and alienation. He is deeply interested in the thought of creating objects that are whimsical, but in doing so, he has developed a visual lexicon through which his works may be seen and interpreted as double entendres within a material world. Beitz’s expanded dialogue invites viewer participation, providing entry points into his compositions through his appropriation of fixtures that are rarely given much consideration beyond their intended function. Through his use of familiar forms that serve as the catalysts in awakening a deeper consciousness, he provides an atmosphere that encourages viewers to step through the looking glass to interact with the works and contribute to discussion from a personal perspective. Beitz transforms static objects into dynamic sculptures to ignite the metaphysical dynamics of shared experiences and awaken impressions that are indelibly etched into memory. The art of Michael Beitz explores the psyche, which subliminally and surrealistically may appear or be employed to construct, deconstruct or, determine perceptions of reality."

Stephen Vollmer, RMAC Assistant Director