Olive Ayhens

Roswell Museum and Art Center

January 16- March 8, 2015

"Transformation of Place"






"Bitter Lake"
oil on linen, 31" x 47", 2014

Intertwining post-apocalyptic narratives and prelapsarian bliss infuse Olive Ayhens’s fantastical, almost panoramic paintings. In saturated cake-frosting and nail-polish colors, we see upheaving cities, superhighways, and bestiaries in her collapsing, corkscrewing space. Part Bosch, part Coney Island of the mind’s eye, these works place us inside scenes of destruction as curious gods look into and down on widening worlds. Really trippy.”

Jerry Saltz, New York Magazine, June 16-29th, 2014, "Twenty-five things to see, hear, watch, and read.  See Olive Ayhens: Interior Wilderness, Unsweet candy. Lori Bookstein Fine Art"


"Cinnamon Rose"
oil on canvas, 30" x 23", 2010




"My painting frequently evolves from a special sense of place, and transformation of environments in my own quirky ways. Sometimes a political/ecological subtext, but always and most importantly the love of the paint itself —with layering it, with exploring color relationships, building textures, etc.  I have fun with personification as well as improbabilities of scale. My work is grounded in abstraction."


"Outskirts of Roswell"
oil on linen, 44" x 52", 2014




"Slice of Manhatten"
ink and watercolor, 10" x 7", 2011





"Ocianic Library"
oil on canvas, 35" x 48", 2014

"Roswell by Night"
oil on linen, 44" x 33", 2015