An obvious point of departure.  
The Anderson (AMoCA)  is our very own roadside attraction with a collection of hundreds of works by former and current RAiR artists.
Interested in the last forty years of art-making and what motivated American artists as well as some of our overseas colleagues?
With a little detective work you can travel across the decades and even explore some of the images and issues that motivated your parents' generation of artists.

Roswell Museum and Art Center

Housed in part in a  traditional adobe structure built by the WPA (Works Project Administration) in the 1930's, the RMAC is home of the gallery that exhibits  current RAiR artists.  There are also major works by former RAiR artists as well as fine examples of the Taos School and artifacts ranging over four centuries of regional history.

SITE Santa Fe

An absolute must for every hip artist.  Showing only the most up to date works.  It's like walking into the pages of ARTFORUM magazine!  Fridays are FREE!

Chinati Foundation (Marfa)

A true pilgrimage destination for devotees of minimalism, modernism or the Dia Foundation.  A two day adventure into the Davis Mountains and the land of James Dean's "Giant".

Lightning Field by Walter De Maria

For serious devotees of Dia's worldview a long two day excursion to the Plains of St. Augustine in western New Mexico.
You may find that the VLA is more impressive than DIA.

Bitter Lakes Wildlife Refuge,

Just around the corner.  Head east on Pine Lodge Road and you're there.

Bottomless Lakes State Park,   

A bit farther away but worth it.  The closest thing to a "beach" in these parts.  Head east on 2nd Avenue across the Pecos River.  Once you're up on Comanche Ridge watch for the sign and head south.  

Carlsbad Caverns

"Journey to the Center of the Earth" used some of the natural wonders of the caves and when you take the walk in, you'll understand that this isn't just another hole in the ground.

White Sands National Monument

One of Americas most beloved wonders.  Take 70 west, over the mountain past Alamogordo about 20 miles.  The Moonlight Tour is reckoned to be breathtaking.

Ski Apache

The last gasp of the Rocky Mountain Ski Industry.  Southernmost lift ticket going.  Take 70 west and follow the Texas license plates.